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  Player Awards History

Date Last Earned sort-descending.gif Name Description Kills on Day
2023-02-08 Combat Shotgun kills with the Combat Shotgun 1
2023-01-04 Sniper Rifle kills with the Sniper Rifle 1
2022-12-29 Green can't be healthy.. tank bilebombs 1
2022-12-29 Fight fire with an axe kills with the Fireaxe 2
2022-07-10 M60 kills with M60 1
2022-04-24 Uzi (Silenced) kills with the Uzi (silenced) 1
2022-04-24 Stomach Upset killed Boomers 1
2022-04-24 Spittle Splatter Spitters Splated 1
2022-04-24 No Smoking Section killed Smokers 1
2022-04-24 Combat Rifle kills with the Combat Rifle 1
2022-04-24 Brain Salad headshot kills 1
2022-04-24 Black Scottish Psyclops kills with the Grenade Launcher 1
2022-04-24 Automation kills with Auto Shotgun 1

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